Welcome to Spartan Federal Credit Union

Members of Spartan Federal are extraordinary. They’ve chosen to take ownership of their lives through owning a piece of their financial institution. It’s doesn’t take a million bucks to become an owner—in fact, it doesn’t even take a hundred dollars. Twenty-five dollars is all you need. 

Spartans get far more benefits than customers of a bank.

  • They don’t deal with silly fees.
  • They get a better chance of being approved for loans because SFCU looks at each individual’s situation, not just a credit score.
  • They have access to financial education—available free of charge—that equals more money in the bank.
  • They have a say in running our organization with an equal voice in electing peers to serve on the board of directors.

When you’re ready to drop the title of customer at your bank and take ownership of your finances as a Spartan, we’re here to welcome you.


Shred 360 will be back on July 27, 2016 from 2:30-5:30pm